Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Asheville Calzone

For 35 years in Asheville North Carolina, Franks Roman Pizza has been making great Calzones! Of course Pizza is our 1st priority, but when it comes to the Calzone world, we believe we produce one of the best in town.

Have you ever had a great New York Style Calzone? Our customers in Asheville and visitors from around the Country constantly give us incredible reviews on all of our food. You can come by, see Barry, Spud or one of our other great cooks make one fresh right in front of you, and then deliver it to you hot and steamy to your table.

We also have a small video game area that the kids love to enjoy. So while you are waiting for your meal, or if the kids finish before you, they have some fun and games. Great incentive to make sure they eat every bit of their meal, if required by you of course.

Stop by Franks Roman Pizza on Tunnel Road in East Asheville. We also have locations in Enka and North Asheville. And definitely try our Calzones!!! See you soon.